Free Dessert Theater



Humanity’s Crisis, Heaven’s Perspective
Hear humanity’s story as told through the eyes of angels.
Starts March 30 at 7-8 PM

Child care provided. 




Join us as a cast of heavenly characters guide you through heaven’s perspective on humanity’s crisis. A narration of big picture, global hardships and questions. 
Does God exist? 
Does he care? 
Why is there so much pain? 
Where do I fit into this cosmic battle?
Find answers, truth and hope each night.

Best Western Plus | Silverdale Beach Hotel

3073 NW Bucklin Hill Rd. Silverdale, WA 98383


March 30, Night 1: Guardian Angel Report

Explore how you fit into this cosmic conflict.  Are you merely a pawn or does your life have purpose? 

One angel reveals how your ordinary and extraordinary days matter on the grand scheme.


March 31, Night 2: The First Fall

Find out how sin entered the cosmos and why God allowed it as one of the righteous angels narrates the fall of a friend and mentor.


Bremerton Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church

4949 NW Taylor Rd. Bremerton, WA 98312


April 6, Night 3: The Second Fall

Explore humanity’s first big mistake and its lasting consequences.


April 7, Night 4: Evil Floods the Earth

Learn about the first-time evil overwhelmed the Earth and how God worked to save the righteous who remained.


April 13, Night 5: Tragedy Amidst Trust

Explore why bad things happen to good people though the story of Job.


April 14, Night 6: Evil Takes on Innocence

Learn how one innocent death changed the course of human-kind.


April 20, Night 7: The Final Stand

The final battle between good and evil is still to come.

Learn what will happen when Lucifer is permitted total control of Earth and how God will rescue His people.


April 21, Night 8: The Rest and Last of the Story

Find out what Happily Ever After truly looks like as the Angel reveals God’s bride and invites us to the wedding feast.